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How I used Nakhodka fertilizer for growing crops

How I used Nakhodka fertilizer for growing crops

In the spring of last year, I was introduced to a representative of a company producing a new eco-friendly fertilizer “Nakhodka”. It is produced in the Leningrad region, and in the form of a water-soluble paste, and in liquid form, and “Nakhodka” is suitable for all types of plants.

Immediately before use, I liked the price and a large concentration of fertilizer: 1: 1000. This saves money.


I used the Nahkodka for several plants in my garden: potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and strawberries. I applied the fertilizer quite simply, according to the table on the package. In general, two or three times per season, I planted fertilizer in the proportion of 1: 1000 with that volume of water, which for irrigation and just irrigated my garden.


The result I was immediately pleasantly surprised. Within a week, it was noticeable that the plants had become larger, stronger and looking healthier. The number of leaves, the number of strawberries on the bush and their sizes were larger than usual. The same was true of other plants. The taste and richness of the fruit exceeded all my expectations.


I decided on the fertilizer for the next season. Definitely buy fertilizer “Nakhodka” and advise my friends.