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ecological products
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Our products are a step in improving
the environmental situation in the world
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We are a trading and manufacturing company, a member of the Association of peat Processors, we produce environmentally friendly products based on agricultural peat and fuel and energy
8 years
on the market
2800 hectare
the area of the field peat ownership
15 000 000
tons of supplies of raw materials for production
in 4
the sides of the light are our office
Some figures about our products
Raises yield at 30-50%
СнReduces consumption mineral fertilizer from 30%
15 days
Accelerates maturation for 10-15 days
Economical expense - divorces with water 1: 1000
there are Russian and foreign certificates'
Our products
Accelerator compostable «Mechta Chervyaka»

Type of fertilizer:
– Liquid
– Paste
– Granules

Fertilizer based on humic acid «Nakhodka»

Type of fertilizer:

– Liquid


Peat bog

Land based on peat with mineral organic fertilizers. Completely ready for use.

The peat compost

Organo-mineral fertilizer consisting of specially treated peat

Turf (Peat)

Improves soil structure, increases water-holding capacity, porosity. Enriches the earth with trace elements

Peat briquette

It is environmentally friendly and solid fuel. Long burning time: more than 6 hours!

Our achievements and certificates
Laureate of the exhibition «Russian gardener and farmer 2015»
The owner of the sign «Quality Mark of the XXI century»
Three Times Winner Of The Program «100 Best Goods Of Russia»
Certificate of ecological purity from the Ministry of agriculture of Israel
Certificate confirming the quality of products from the Swiss Institute marketing (Ecocert IMOswiss AG)


Feedback about our products

ГНУ «ТатНИИСХ» Россельхозакадемии (Russian agricultural academy)
"seed Treatment fertilizer "Discovery" has led to increased energy of germination, laboratory and field germination of seeds, respectively 24%, 26%, 21%. Application of fertilizer "Nakhodka" in the drought conditions of 2010 allowed to increase the yield of spring wheat by 19.5% (from 46.2 C / ha at the control), the protein content is 0.8%, gluten content is 2.1%. Increase yields for winter crops amounted to 21.6% (from 53.2 kg/ha in the control).»
Полтавский институт агропромышленного производства им. Н.И. Вавилова Украинской академии аграрных наук (Poltava Institute of agro-industrial production)
"the Number of productive stems on the version with the use of fertilizer" Nakhodka " increased by 32.5%, plant height increased by 4.7 Should be noted an increase of 1.8% of the mass of 1000 grains, as well as the content of crude gluten by 2.5% (absolute). The total yield increased by 21.8%.»
Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт картофельного хозяйства имени А.Г. Лорха (All-Russian research Institute of potato farms)
"Carrying out 3 non-root sprays with peat HUMATE" Nakhodka " (the concentration of the working solution –1l of the drug per 250 liters of water) during the growing season increased the yield of potatoes by 6.4 t/ha (or 20.5%), and the marketability by 1.7% compared to the background version without treatments. The total culinary evaluation of tubers increased to 27.6 points, against 26.8 points on the control; the darkening of boiled potato pulp was eliminated. There was an increase in plant immunity to fungal diseases.»
Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт селекции и семеноводства овощных культур РАСХН (All-Russian research Institute of selection and seed production of vegetable crops)
"the shoots of tomato plants from seeds treated with" Nakhodka " fertilizer appeared 1-2 days earlier, in comparison with untreated seeds. With the use of fertilizer "Nakhodka" tomato yield increased by 20-26%. At the same time there was an improvement in the quality of products (increased marketability, dry matter and vitamins)»
Научно-исследовательский институт сельского хозяйства Академии наук Абхазии (Research Institute of agriculture of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazia)
"as a result of phytotoxic effects on the seedlings of cucumber affected with Alternaria blight, drugs Topaz and Remillard, application of fertilizer "Discovery" led to the elimination of oppression condition of the plants and tacuaral a positive impact on growth, development and overall health of plants. The yield growth was 34.8%.»
ГНУ ВНИИ орошаемого овощеводства и бахчеводства РАСХН
the use of "Nakhodka" in the cultivation of onions stimulated the growth and development of plants. At the same time, the length of the largest leaf in the 7-8 leaf phase increased by 24.9% compared to the control, the number of leaves by 36.2%, and the biomass of plants by 52.3 %. The average mass of bulbs increased by 36.1 %, and the total yield of onion-turnip - by 32.7 %.
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